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Herb Crusted Grilled Fish

Every time you ‘SURPRISE’ yourself….. you ‘INSPIRE’ yourself .

It’s delicious, it’s healthy and it takes no time at all – herb crusted fish. This simple crust elevates the ordinary seer fish to a whole new level and it’s a dish all will relish and want more of………..

Am in the process of going through all my old cookbooks. So many diaries and books in all shapes and sizes – so, so many handwritten recipes. Unbelievable! Came upon a cookbook that had the recipes I’d learnt at Vimalalayam – the only institute in Ernakulam – those days – where you could learn anything and everything – short term courses . Gosh! I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Recipes neatly written and underlined -an accurately drawn star at the side to show it was tasty and I liked it. The years have just flown by – from out of the blue – you are just engulfed in beautiful memories and just sit and stare at the wall opposite for a couple of minutes -recalling all that you can remember of the first cookery classes I was enrolled in. Those were the days……….

I have lots to thank my mom for…..

This herb crusted fish is a wonderful alternative to the masala spice mix you usually use to fry fish. 

Start planning your Christmas menu….

Try it out and let me know:


  • Thick Seer fish slices – 8 (1 kg)

For the herb crust

  • Ginger- garlic paste -1tbsp
  • Lime juice -2 tbsp
  • Salt
  • Red chilly flakes – 2 tbsp

To roast and powder:

  • Coriander seeds – 4-5 tbsp
  • Cummin seeds – 2 tbsp
  • Peppercorns – 3 tbsp


  • Pat dry the seer fish slices.
  • Mix the roast and coarsely powdered spices with the other ingredients.
  • Smear the fish with the herb paste and let it marinate for an hour or so.
  • Take a grill pan, lightly brush with oil and place the slices. Cover.
  • After 3-4 minutes, turn over the slices – cover and cook.
  • Serve with  lime wedges.

Chefs tips:

  • The fish slices have to be absolutely dry.
  • The spices should not be finely powdered.
  • Direct heat is always preferred as fish cooks easily and quickly.
  • The heat should be medium.
  • Once the colour turns from translucent to opaque, you know the fish is nearly done.
  • If the fish slides off the grill pan -good, otherwise wait for a couple of seconds more.
  • You could add a teaspoon of  Garam Masala to the herb mix.
  • You could marinate the fish overnight.
  • The fish could be lightly grilled in olive oil too.
  • Serves 6-8.

Till my next post,



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  1. Hi Rosy Aunty, we made this fish yesterday. I used Tilapia instead of Seer fish and used coconut oil to grill the fish, it turned out AMAZING

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