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Pineapple Dream

Pineapple dream -a dream dessert to layer in your prettiest glass dish – a dessert too hard to resist. A rather fun alternative to serve this dessert would be to serve in small individual cups or bowls.

There is a story to every recipe. This particular dessert is a favourite of mine and when I’m short of time, this is a dessert I turn to. It’s a never fail dessert and scores a perfect 10 – in terms of flavour, taste and presentation.

Barely three to four years after I got married, the wedding of my sister- in – law Rani was fixed and we were to hold the engagement at home for 300-400 people. While discussing the menu, I just told my mother – in – law I would do the dessert. All were quite taken aback but somehow my mother – in – law was quite confident that I could do the dessert. So the next day the list was given and instead of tinned pineapples there were a whole lot of fresh pineapples placed in front of me.

I still remember all of us sitting around a table and cutting up the pineapples. There was a certain sourness to it, as a result of which I decided to stew them in a little water and spice, then drain the pieces from the syrup and carry on with the dessert. I made so many trays – I really do not remember- how many? But I know for a fact a couple of trays were sent to my aunts place in Kottayam to chill for a couple of hours.

It was such a hit, and I still remember – a lot of unknown people coming up to me and complimenting me on the dessert. I was just hoping there would be enough dessert to serve all.

Ever since then – if there is ever a ‘go to’ recipe where you really do not have to think of the outcome – it’s this recipe of mine.

So just go ahead and try it –


  • Marie biscuit – 2small rolls
  • Instant coffee- 1 tbsp of instant coffee powder mixed with a cup of hot water
  • Amul butter-150 grams
  • Powdered sugar-2 cups
  • Eggs-2 separated
  • Pineapple bits -2 cups (1 big tin – about 800 grams)
  • Juice of 2 small limes


  • Beat softened butter and sugar till light and fluffy.
  • Add egg- yolks and beat till creamy.
  • Add pineapple bits, ( reserve half a cup for garnish ) and 3 tablespoons of lime juice.
  • Fold in the stiffly beaten egg whites and keep the pineapple mixture aside.
  • In a square dish, arrange the Marie biscuits dipped in coffee, on top of the biscuit layer spread a layer of pineapple cream .
  • Repeat till you finish with butter cream.
  • Chill for 2-3 hours.
  • Garnish with pineapple pieces and praline powdered.

For Praline:

Melt 3-4 tablespoons of sugar till golden brown, add 2 tablespoons of chopped cashewnuts, mix well and spread on a greased plate. Leave to set. Crush with a rolling pin coarsely.

Chefs tips:

  • Do not over soak the biscuits.
  • The sweetness of the tinned pineapple is cut by the lime juice, so it is absolutely essential to add the lime juice.
  • The butter and sugar should be creamed till light in colour .
  • Do not over beat once the egg yolks are added .
  • If you feel the mixture is too loose, you could chill it for an hour or so before you spread it on the biscuit layer.
  • If the eggs are big, use only one egg.
  • You could sprinkle some instant coffee in between the layers if you love coffee.
  • This dessert serves 6-8 people.

Till my next post,



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