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Chefinlove turns 1

Time has flown and it’s a year old  today . A big thank you to all my viewers – 64 posts, 11,000 views, 2700 visitors – cannot ask for more. I am a happy soul.

Selecting a recipe – a good simple recipe ending with a favourable tasty result was my top priority. Two simple points I kept in mind was that No one should be put off by the length of the recipe nor the kind of ingredients  used and I think I’ve pretty much stuck to it throughout this past year.

It’s always easy to start cooking once you’ve done all the prep  required- just to reduce your time spent in the kitchen. Well,  I follow that rule religiously – no cutting or  chopping once I start cooking. Not only are the dishes attractive, they are really simple and speedy to make . To top it all the photograph of the dish above the recipe helps you in visualising what the dish is going to look like.

Each recipe is followed by some useful tips which provide you with information to draw on – the kind of information that could win compliments from family and friends.

In preparing the various sections under which the recipes appear, I have tried to include a varied selection of dishes. Some of the dishes are plain, others traditional, some not so traditional – whatever the recipe may be they have been tried and tested over and over again.

For those of you who think you are an average cook, step out of your comfort zone and be adventurous. Try the recipes. You will be pleasantly surprised and you will also agree wholeheartedly that besides the dishes being entirely successful – they are delicious, quick and easy to prepare.

To all my followers and viewers a big thank you. I am so overwhelmed and here’s a “small surprise” to bring us closer and hoping the coming year chefinlove will get more views and lots of likes. From chefinlove – lots of easy, delicious recipes to cheer you up and bring a smile to your face. We are on this culinary journey together!

Posting tomorrow a special segment – PLACE YOUR ORDER FOR CHEFINLOVE CAKES!

Cakes to start off with:

Chocolate and vanilla cake with a chocolate glaze

Mocha cake with a chocolate glaze

Eggless vanilla sponge

Lemon drizzle 

Rich Chocolate cake 

Orange and coconut cake with a coconut topping

Will add on more ….

Do pass the word around to friends and family. The order has to be placed a day in advance.
Contact me on my email for orders and any further queries. 

“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces, just good food from fresh ingredients.”

Till my next post,



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